Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day
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Red Love

Let someone know how much you adore them with this sweet and simple token of love. This Bunch of 10 ..

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Basket Of Roses

Roses are clearly an epitome of deep love and affection. Gift someone this Basket of Love and make h..

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Red Bliss

Red Roses are an epitome of love. Express your sincere feelings to someone with this Bouquet of 40 R..

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Assorted Combo

Be it any occassion, gifts are the first thing that you are confused about, especially when it is ab..

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Buds n Chocos

If you have missed your anniversary or birthday then there is nothing going to cheer your partner ba..

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Yellow Friendship

Yellow is the colour of friendship which is the first step of every relationship. Send this Bouquet ..

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Adorable Roses

Make your someone special's day by buying these adorable roses with green leaves and wrapped in love..

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Pink Combo

Pink is a magical colour. With this Bouquet of 8 Pink Roses, wrapped in Pink paper, you can make any..

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Charming Red

Isn’t it amazing to share your emotions with some highlighting on it which exactly expressing your n..

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Big Surprise

Roses are adored universally and what else can have a better match than a yummy truffle cake. Send i..

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Elegant Combo

Silk and bunch of classic farm fresh roses, when gifted, can give any relationship a fresh and frame..

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Sweet Miracle

A bunch of Fuchsia is what every girl loves to have in her living room. Send these and see the mirac..

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Big Love

Make her/him fall in Love with you again this fascinating Heart-shaped Arrangement made with 40 Hand..

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Silk and Pink

Make someone feel beautiful with the blush of these beautiful Pink flowers. Gift them this bouquet o..

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Red Love Roses

Every lover's muse, Red Roses are truly poetic. Professing emotions with Red Roses is the perfect th..

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14th February is considered as the day of love globally and is celebrated as the date marked to celebrate and honor their adoration, love, and affection by spending time with their near and dear ones. This day calls for the flow of gifts and flowers for our beloved and is somewhat of a ritual to share gifts of love between those who are romantically close to one another.

Since our school days, we remember passing cute handmade heart-shaped cards with love notes scribbled on them amongst our classmates or crushes where one person used to send it to many others in the hope of at least one positive response from his or her classmates (well, mostly the boys). As we grew up, we now have restricted our list majorly restricted to our beau.

Valentine’s Day provides amazing possibilities for us to celebrate all kinds of love with the ones we love with our whole heart. And what better way there is to express our love for our beloveds than a bunch of flowers and customized gifts on Valentine’s Day.

Nothing says “I Love You” better than a beautiful bouquet of one’s favorite flowers, be it roses, lilies, carnations, tulips, or orchids. For many of us, thinking of a creative way of undergoing the process of picking the perfect gift for her or a gift for him can prove to be a difficult task to perform. But worry not, Budsnbites has got your back! We bring to you a wide range of gifts and flowers to choose from that will be the best of the best available and can bring an upside frown on the face of your loved ones.

As George Sand rightly said, “There is only one happiness in life: To Love and be loved.” Therefore, let’s celebrate your day of love with the most romantic gifts for him that will surely brighten up his day with the amazing gift ideas brought to you specially crafted for you by Budsnbite.

History of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s is also celebrated as St. Valentine’s Day. The day is said to have its roots of origin in Rome during the Lupercalia which is a Roman festival. Even though there have been multiple martyr Saints by the name ‘Valentine’, the day however gets its name from a priest who was martyred in about 270 CE by the then Roman Emperor, Claudius II Gothicus.

According to the folklore, the priest wrote letters to the jailer’s daughter and signed them as “from your Valentine” whom he had befriended after he was cured of blindness. According to other legends, there was St. Valentine who secretly married a couple defying the orders sanctioned by the emperor to protect the husband from going to war.

It is said that there are early records of Valentine’s Day that are evident in the 1500s and by the time we stepped into the 1700s, the commercially printed Valentine special card had captured the market and hearts of people. Traditionally, Valentine’s Day was celebrated by exchanging gifts of candies and flowers especially a bunch of Red Roses which are considered a symbol of beauty and love.

Valentine’s Day in Current Times

Apart from India, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many parts of the world such as the United States of America, Canada, Britain, Argentina, France, Mexico, South Korea, and Australia. In the Philippines, Valentine’s Day happens to be the most common wedding anniversary as people here love to make the Day of Love their D-Day.

Perfect Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day from Budsnbite

A cute Valentine’s Day gift is one way to make your beloved’s day a wonderful and memorable one. However, thinking of a perfect gift for her or him gives goose bumps to many. With Budsnbite, you get a whole gamut of flowers, cakes, and gift ideas for making your Valentine’s Day special.

Roses Special

There is no better and more elegant way of expressing your love to your partner than a beautiful bouquet of red roses for Valentine's Day. The lovely flower arrangements in different forms are available for you to choose as a gift for her to match the beauty of your beau.

Valentines Cakes

The whole collection of moth watering cakes for Valentine's Day is a must-have for the auspicious Valentine’s Day gift for him with Budsnbite.

Valentines Combo Special

At Budsnbite there are amazing combos especially crafted for Valentine’s Day to make your day of love extra special.